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Welcome to Gentle Touch Pet Grooming
We have warm hearts for wet noses. Every dog entrusted to us for grooming will be treated like family!!
flea treatment
While we believe it is the owners responsibility to keep their animal Pest free, we can provide treatment whilst in the salon. Flea and tick baths are available and capstar used for immediate flea removal. There is a charge for this service .Please alert staff upon arrival of you suspect fleas or ticks are on your dog.
Hand bathing
We believe that hand bathing with organic shampoo and conditioner is better than a high velocity Hydrobath. We massage and feel for wounds, ticks and skin issues while bathing . Warm free flowing water is used on every dog. Ears are plugged to prevent water going Down the canals and eyes covered when washing faces. All shampoos are tearless , organic and free of chemicals. You are welcome to bring your own products along if you would prefer. We can provide malaseb and other veterinary recommended products for a small fee.
We have the only accell therapy massage mat available in Toowoomba. This mar massages and vibrates as your dog Lays on it . It increases circulation and encourages wound healing from the inside out. This product is widely used in both the dog and equine Industry to Improve racing performance and skin rejuvenation. Please feel free to Ask for a leaflet outlining the benefits of its use in the salon
Professional pet styling
Over 35 years professional pet styling experience.american trained and constantly retraining and updating skills to keep up with the latest styling trends and hygiene procedures. All staff are under training at all times to increase their experience and be the best in their field. We take pride in our work and live what we do everyday!!
breed specific styling
Bathing , blow drying
Hand Stripping
puppy cuts
ear plucking
nail cutting
sanitary tidies
sensative skin treatments