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I was born into the world of dogs, dog showing and dog grooming . My passion for brushes and combs was well established by the age of 7 when I started showing my own “Maltese”. I had many years of success in the show ring but the passion for grooming dogs consumed me and the ribbons won meant little .

At the age of 17 I went to New York for 2 years to train in professional show grooming and pet styling and continue to improve my skills each year. I now enjoy teaching my staff the trade and empowering them with the love of grooming and skill to make a career that gives joy every day. I’m a passionate animal rights activist and feel I have a moral obligation to provide safe and happy grooming experiences for every pet I encounter in my daily life.

All Staff work under my guidance and are either very experienced or being trained personally by me. We regularly attend industry events to upgrade skill and safe animal Handling practices.

Pet Grooming